5nine Manager v9.3 Simplifies Network Configuration with Hyper-V Converged Fabric Creation and Management

5nine Manager v9.3, Converged Fabrics

We’re pleased to announce the release of 5nine Manager v9.3. The latest version introduces the ability to create and manage Hyper-V Converged Fabric from within 5nine Manager’s easy-to-use console.

Webinar: Enterprise Security & Availability for Virtualization Admins

Enterprise Security & Availability for Virtualization Admins Webinar

Securing and maintaining virtualized environments is challenging. It is important to strengthen security and compliance at every point. Veeam and 5nine Software are here to help!

5nine Cloud Security v9 Accelerates Security for Large Microsoft Cloud Environments

5nine Cloud Security v9

We’re excited to announce the release, today, of Cloud Security v9, which accelerates security for large and complex distributed Microsoft Cloud environments.

5nine Cloud Security Finalist for Unified Threat Management SC Media Award

5nine cloud security finalist for best UTM Security Solution in the SC 2017 Awards

We’re excited to announce that 5nine Cloud Security has been selected as a finalist in the SC 2017 Media Awards in the Unified Threat Management (UTM) category.

3 Ways 5nine Software Aligns with Gartner’s 2016 List of Top Information Security Technologies

Every year the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit provides security, governance and business continuity executives with the practices and strategies they need to maintain cost-effective risk management programs. At this year’s Summit they issued a press release highlighting the top technologies for information security in 2016. These technologies have clear alignment with 5nine’s strategic roadmap, as many of them are already embedded into […]

5nine Manager Survey Draw Winners

5nine Manager Survey

If you use 5nine Manager free or commercial editions, you may have recently received an invite to participate in a survey.  Your feedback back is important to help us know what features you value most and what we can do to improve.

Draw Winners

New Features in 5nine Cloud Security v8

5nine Cloud Security v8 adds improvements for highly transactional environments with compliance mandates to centralize and retain logging data.  Several additional features simplify security administration.  Alerts and analytical data provide more details to help identify and react to potential threats.  Fine grained RBAC are now possible with 5nine’s Cloud Security PowerShell cmdlets.  They can be executed with specified credentials enabling Just Enough […]

Effective SOX Compliance for the Microsoft Cloud with 5nine

What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is designed to enhance financial disclosures and combat corporate and accounting fraud that affects how US public companies report financial statements and manage their financial accounting framework. For companies to be in SOX compliance they must be able to generate financial reports that are verifiable and traceable.

This means that the source data has to remain intact and cannot undergo any undocumented revisions. The risk for […]

Cybersecurity: Best Practices for Virtualization

The importance of datacenter security continues to grow with the recent trend of high – profile security breaches, advanced persistent threats, and the rapid release of new malware, which is happening literally every minute. With the additional increase in cyber – terrorism attacks that are specifically targeting virtualized infrastructures, all businesses should take a proactive approach to protect their assets.

A recent Cisco Global Cloud Index estimates that 86 percent of workloads will be processed by cloud (virtualized) datacenters by […]

Crime Gone Cyber

With malware getting more and more sophisticated,  literally every minute, the number of cyber-terrorism attacks has grown exponentially in recent years. Attacks are especially prevalent  among organizations that have critical infrastructures. Unfortunately, many of these organizations lack the resources to timely upgrade their security.  As a result, they are unable to quickly respond to their attacks and become easy targets.

Crime is becoming  a software-based industry because it is simpler, safer and […]