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5nine Manager v9.3 Simplifies Network Configuration with Hyper-V Converged Fabric Creation and Management

5nine Manager v9.3

We’re pleased to announce the release of 5nine Manager v9.3. The latest version introduces the ability to create and manage Hyper-V Converged Fabric from within 5nine Manager’s easy-to-use console.

Converged Fabric consolidates Hyper-V best practices for quality of service and low latency, but requires PowerShell scripting knowledge. The new version of 5nine Manager enables administrators to access this capability from the convenience of a centralized GUI. This means even administrators who may not have PowerShell expertise can take full advantage of this functionality, and quickly and easily optimize Hyper-V network configurations.

The Network Manager module has also been extended with new functionality. Administrators can now create virtual network interface cards (vNICs), with the ability to configure bandwidth minimums, maximums and weights for converged fabrics. Administrators can also see a list of the host’s physical adapters and their status.

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