5nine Software on the 9/5 Virtualization Security Podcast


On the 9/5 Virtualization Security Podcast we discussed Hyper-V Security and were joined by Alex Kibkalo, a former senior architect at Microsoft who works as a Director of Product Management in 5nine Software. 5nine Software has developed the first introspective virtualization security device for Hyper-V. Introspective security has been missing from Hyper-V for a number of years, while it was possible to implement, the market has been so small that is was not feasible until now. Which implies Hyper-V is gaining adherents so has a need for better security measures.

Hyper-V and VMware vSphere now have similar introspection available for security measures. Hyper-V’s is implemented by 5nine Software and VMware vSphere is implemented by VMware vCloud Networking and Security App and Endpoint modules as well as the VMware VMsafe ecosystem partner products (Juniper vGW, Checkpoint, IBM, Reflex Systems, etc.). Introspection has always been available within Hyper-V, there just have not, until now, been any products using it. Read more…

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