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In October, 2014 Microsoft’s newly appointed CEO, Satya Nadella, shocked the world at a media event when he said “Microsoft loves Linux”.  Traditionally Microsoft has not provided any support or interoperability for the open-source Linux operating system as it was a free technology that Microsoft competed with and was unable to monetize from.  The license-free Linux server operating systems are used by many government, education and budget-conscious enterprises worldwide, reducing sales of Windows Server.  However Microsoft has realized that it is better to embrace the Linux community and provide interoperability, rather than trying to isolate it and force customers to run segmented stacks.  The reality is that most Windows Server customers are already using heterogeneous environments with a variety of hardware, software, hypervisors, management systems and operating systems.  In fact, recent data from the Microsoft Ignite conference indicated that one out of every five Hyper-V VMs was running Linux in the guest operating system, which currently supports seven different Linux & UNIX distributions.

Since 5nine loves Microsoft, which means that 5nine love Linux too!  5nine Software fully tests and supports all the Linux guest operating systems that run on Hyper-V, including CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenSUSE / SUSE, Oracle, Red Hat (RHEL), and Ubuntu.

5nine Cloud Security is the only agentless firewall, antivirus, antimalware, intrusion detection and compliance support for Hyper-V, SCVMM and Azure Pack.  All Linux distributions supported by Hyper-V have been tested with Cloud Security to ensure that the firewall, network scanning, and intrusion detection system all work flawlessly.  Using 5nine Cloud Security, datacenters of all sizes can protect their Windows, Windows Server and Linux virtual machines using a single solution that is agnostic to the guest OS.  5nine Cloud Security also offers active protection for HTTP traffic flowing into the VMs which matches traffic to antivirus and antimalware signatures and can immediately alert the admins about any threats.  Linux does support a variety of file systems, and there may be some limitations around agentless AV scanning.


5nine Manager is a centralized VM, network, host and cluster management tool designed to look and feel like VMware's vCenter.  5nine Manager provides remote management of the VMs, and is completely agnostic of the guest operating system.  This means that Linux VMs are managed and configured just like any other supported Hyper-V virtual machine.

5nine V2V Easy Converter is a free VMware VM to Hyper-V VM conversion tool, supporting multiple guest operating systems, including Linux.  Migration of Linux, Windows, and Windows Server VMs from VMware has never been easier.

All 5nine Software solutions have free trials so if you are using Linux on Hyper-V, do not hesitate to Contact Us today to learn how you can manage and protect your Hyper-V Linux infrastructure.


Symon Perriman

VP, Business Development

5nine Software

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Maria Talley

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