Improve Cluster Computing with 5nine Manager Datacenter

We’re pleased and excited to announce the release of 5nine Manager Datacenter 2.1. This release includes new features and improvements that enable large, multitenant and distributed Microsoft Cloud datacenters to improve cluster copmuting, ensure high availability and fault tolerance and simplify and accelerate disaster recovery.

New 5nine Manager Datacenter Features


Dynamic Optimization for VMs on Clusters

Dynamic Optimization

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.1 now supports dynamic optimization for virtual machines on clusters, allowing you to improve cluster performance by as much as 40%. Eliminate performance sapping bottlenecks, avoid repetitive, time-consuming manual load balancing and prevent service disruptions and outages. 5nine Manager Datacenter balances workloads across hosts by automatically migrating virtual machines to underutilized hosts when CPU Total Run Time or Memory Used exceed user-defined thresholds.

Azure Enabled Hyper-V Backup and Recovery

backup to azure Backup to Azure[/caption]

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.1 introduces the ability to automatically create and maintain secure backup copies of key Hyper-V workloads in Azure on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Simplify and accelerate the Hyper-V disaster recovery process, increase local storage capacity, and maintain business continuity with Azure-enabled Hyper-V backup and recovery – ensuring your mission critical data, applications and business are safe at all times.

Support for SMB Share

full and incremental backups

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.1 introduces support for the Server Message Block Share (SMB) protocol. This provides administrators with the ability to make full and incremental backups of virtual machines running on SMB. This release also provides a new Change Block Tracking (CBT) driver that is fully compliant with SMB and is WinQual tested and signed by Microsoft.

Extended Hyper-V Replica

 hyperv replica Hyper-V Extended Replica[/caption]

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.1 now provides support for extended replica. This allows administrators to protect mission critical workloads and more effectively plan for different outage or disaster scenarios by creating up-to-date VM replicas and storing them at alternate sites. This release allows you to maintain a highly available, resilient Hyper-V infrastructure with built-in tools for replication management and failover clustering from a single, centralized console.


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Maria Talley

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