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Symon Perriman

Symon Perriman is an internationally recognized Microsoft expert, business leader, author, keynote presenter and technology personality, whose content is viewed by millions of technology professionals each year. During his eight years at Microsoft, he supported multiple teams, including engineering, evangelism, technical marketing, and product planning. Currently, Symon is President & Chief Architect for FanWide, and previously served as VP of Business Development and Marketing and 5nine Software.
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How to Navigate Your Virtual Infrastructure with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

While virtualization improves speed and automation, networks are generally considered the most challenging part of the hardware stack to virtualize. They require complex...

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Unified Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Management Made Simple

Modern IT industry is undergoing a significant transformation where companies of all sizes are moving workloads from physical data centers to the public cloud. Today,...

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How to Simplify and Secure Your SDN Network in Windows Server

As you move workloads to private and hybrid clouds, it makes sense to virtualize all data center resources. Virtualizing data center resources removes dependencies on...

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Azure Data Security Simplified With All-New 5nine AzSec

As organizations move their services to the public cloud and hybrid cloud, security becomes increasingly complex. Instead of being able to monitor and protect your networks...

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Why 5nine Cloud Security is the Best Antivirus Software

5nine Cloud Security is a unified security and compliance solution designed to specifically address every Hyper-V vulnerability across every virtual resource.  In addition to...

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