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“It works. It’s affordable. We receive great support and love that 5nine solutions are always expanding with advanced features and new releases.”

- Wim Porton, CEO, GoBit B.V.


GoBit B.V. is a managed service provider offering a wide range of IT services, from online backup and email hosting to data center management and infrastructure design. In the last decade, GoBit B.V. has fully embraced virtualization and helped many clients transition to the cloud by implementing best practices of combining traditional on-premise infrastructures with public, private and hybrid cloud instances.

For many years, GoBit B.V. has relied on VMWare vCenter to manage its customers’ Virtual Machines and hosts. But apparent constraints such as lack of a centralized approach, limited storage availability and vendor lock-in drove the management team to search for alternative solutions.

When we started looking at solutions to help manage our customers’ Hyper-V environments, we realized that not many platforms offered multitenant support and centralized management console at an affordable price,” said Wim Porton, the CEO at GoBit B.V. “We needed a solution that could offer the best parts of vCenter, including backup capabilities, simple deployment and scalability while providing visibility into systems and tenants. That’s why we chose 5nine.


Wim used the trial version of 5nine Cloud Manager in the past, so when his team activated the full version of the console, their choice for Hyper-V Management solution became obvious.

Multitenancy is a critical building block for growing MSP business as it offers a centralized environment for managing multiple customers simultaneously. As opposed to vCenter, which requires additional tools for building a secure virtualization layer to manage multiple tenants, 5nine’s single-pane-of-glass management and security console was a clear win for Wim and his team.


Since 5nine Cloud Manager doesn’t require an installation of additional tools or add-ons, Wim’s team quickly learned how to use the system and realized that multi-tenant management doesn’t have to be hard. Furthermore, they discovered that the system can be easily scaled and expanded across a multitude of customers.

“5nine helps me grow my business and do so efficiently. Today, I feel more confident about how we deliver services to our customers.”

With 5nine Cloud Manager, you can centrally create, configure and maintain virtual machines across tenants; effortlessly view, consolidate and manage tenants from a single-pane-of-glass console; remotely perform actions with storage objects; assign role-based access control to multiple users; protect your customers with automated backups and quickly recover their virtual machines from remote locations to prevent downtime and data loss in the event of a disaster.


  • Multitenancy: 5nine Cloud Manager handles multiple customers from a centralized console while orchestrating daily management tasks and ensuring individual tenant functions don’t impact each other.
  • Automation: 5nine Cloud Manager builds efficiency by removing the need for doing repeatable tasks for multiple tenants. It also offers a built-in capacity for interruption where your staff can focus on urgent tasks while completing daily activities. For some functions, like virtual machine backup, every step can be automated across a wide array of clients. Automation enables your admins to use their time more efficiently, which in turn, increases productivity and drastically reduces operational costs.
  • Business Continuity: 5nine Cloud Manager solves business continuity and disaster recovery challenges in Hyper-V and Azure environments by seamlessly replicating virtual machines and simplifying networking with SDN management without having to rely on expensive hardware. It also minimizes downtime and DR costs with advanced monitoring and failover testing.

“I recommend 5nine Cloud Manager for the ease of use and reliable support,” Wim said. “Support, functionality and pricing make a great package”.



Maria Talley

Maria Talley

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