How to Choose a Cloud Migration Services Partner


Today’s competitive landscape demands the fast and flexible processing of information. Digital transformation is motivating businesses to adopt advanced technologies that improve connectivity, streamline their supply chains and reduce costs.

In the past, organizations had no choice but to invest in expensive software, servers and staff to support business operations. With the evolution of cloud computing, companies can now access the services they need through a network of remote servers that efficiently store, manage and process data. 

In addition to cost savings, cloud environments offer scalability, reliability and high system availability to avoid downtime and ensure business continuity. Forward-thinking executives see the enormous potential of cloud technology as it simplifies systems, reduces IT costs and improves channel operations. Imagine the possibilities if you put the cloud to work for your business!

Selecting a Cloud Provider

Transitioning your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud starts with the selection of a cloud provider that can accommodate all of our technical needs. Whether you decide to move to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), the two largest providers in the space, be sure to carefully evaluate different considerations including cost, security and onboarding.

Next, choose a cloud migration solution that can help you transition workloads to the cloud fast and efficiently, without disrupting ongoing operations or interfering with critical business processes. Consider a solution that can easily migrate your virtual machines across a variety of cloud platforms moving seamlessly between private, public and hybrid environments, without having to download and pay for multiple stand-alone tools.

Agentless Migration

Often, migration projects require the installation of software agents responsible for completing the job. These agents usually come in the form of an add-on management application and require an additional licensing fee. A better option is to select a migration solution that leverages an agentless model where you don’t have to install and then uninstall agents. Agentless migration converts information from the source’s virtual hard disk to your desired cloud format without having to pay for agents, and therefore saves money compared to agent-based variations.

In addition, manually converting individual VMs is time-consuming and inefficient. The best solutions automate the conversion process and can execute multiple jobs simultaneously, which in turn, speeds up your entire migration process. Additionally, the best solutions offer a simple user interface which will quickly guide your team through each step of the migration process.

Scalable to Any Operating System

Lastly, find a cloud migration solution that supports enterprise readiness and can scale for any datacenter, no matter the size. This type of solution can provide IT and cloud teams with greater flexibility by supporting all guest operating systems. Applications that are designed to spread their workloads across multiple servers will be able to benefit from automated scaling of resources to match current demand. Combined with the pay-by usage characteristic of the cloud, a scalable and automated cloud migration solution can lead to significant financial savings for your company.

Fortunately, finding the right solution to facilitate a seamless migration to the cloud is easy. 5nine Cloud Migration quickly, easily and noninvasively migrates virtual machines to private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Built on a non-intrusive, agentless architecture, 5nine Cloud Migration enables the automated transition of your existing infrastructure to Microsoft Hyper-V, AWS and Azure cloud models. Our low-cost, easy-to-use and agentless deployment model ensures the completion of your migration project on time and under budget. Contact us today or download a free version of 5nine Cloud Migration and see for yourself how easy it is to automate migrations to various cloud platforms.

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