5nine Manager Datacenter v2.2 for Cloud Managed Services

We’re pleased and excited to announce the release of 5nine Manager Datacenter 2.2, the ultimate platform for cloud managed services. This release includes new features and improvements that enable large, multitenant and distributed Microsoft Cloud datacenters to more effectively manage users and permissions, deploy and manage Software Defined Network (SDN) infrastructures, restore specific content from virtual machines and optimize their mission critical environments.

New 5nine Manager Datacenter Features:

Support for Active Directory Dialog Boxes and Domain User Groups

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.2 now allows administrators to use a browse dialog box to add Windows user credentials instead of having to manually enter each user name. This release also introduces a new type of user group known as a domain user group. This new type of group automatically syncs its user list, along with pre-configured permissions, with the corresponding AD group. This means that as soon as a new user is added to the AD domain user group they are automatically assigned the corresponding set of permissions in 5nine Manager Datacenter.

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Why this feature? We wanted to reduce the time and effort needed to manage your user lists and permissions.

SDN Deployment and Management: Basic Virtual Network Controller Support

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.2 introduces full support for SDN deployments via the same GUI you already use to manage and interact with SDN objects and Network Controller, management and Microsoft APIs. Administrators can now enter major SDN parameters and use special SDN deployment scripts to deploy their infrastructure.

In addition, administrators can also perform create, read, update and delete operations on the following SDN objects: logical networks, virtual networks, network interfaces, virtual switches, servers, NC credentials, load balancers (read only) and MAC address pools (read only).

Why this feature?  Working with APIs and PowerShell without a GUI is complicated enough. Having to deploy your SDN infrastructure using traditional methods (or multiple consoles) is even trickier. Now you can deploy and manage your SDN infrastructures using 5nine Manager Datacenter and our easy-to-use interface.

File Level Restores

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.2 introduces file level restore capabilities. This allows administrators to view, download and restore specific files from Hyper-V backups.

cloud managed services - 5nine Cloud Manager 2

Why this feature? We know how cumbersome it can be to restore full backups to alternate locations or roll back machines to previous versions just to access one or two important files. Now you can find and restore the content you need without the hassle of manual transfers or overwrites.

Dynamic Optimization for Hyper-V Hosts Within a Group

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.2 supports dynamic optimization for Hyper-V hosts with shared storage. Shared storage groups can be used to balance load between hosts that share storage.

Why this feature? Automatic balancing of workloads across Hyper-V hosts is important for ensuring your environment performs to standard at all times. We’ve made it easier by introducing new options for selecting multiple hosts with a group.

Want to Learn More?

Visit our What’s New page to get a complete list of new features, changes and upgrades included in 5nine Manager Datacenter 2.2.

Interested but not sure if 5nine Manager Datacenter is the right fit for your company? Get in touch. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your business.


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Maria Talley

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